see the DIFFERENCE PPA Photographers Make

Wedding photography may be practiced by many, but it's mastered by few. For everyday photos, you may be fine with a neighbor, a friend or your sister-in-law. But when it comes to those once-in-a-lifetime moments, you have one shot at getting it right and you have to make sure the person behind the camera is a professional photographer.

These days, cameras are so good that almost everyone takes a great snapshot now and then. But professional photography is so much more. It's the technique and experience to consistently capture the highest quality photograph (and make you look your best), regardless of the situation. It's the artistry to bring your vision for your wedding into reality. And it's the professionalism to guide you through the entire process.

CONSISTENCY - As professional photographers, we know how to achieve great results - every time. You get a strong collection of images that captures the looks and poses to tell your wedding day story, not a few lucky snapshots.

TECHNICAL SKILLS & ARTISTRY - Professional photographers are more than picture takers. We are students of lighting, posing, fashion and even interior design. We combine these elements to create works of art that just don't match your budget, they also fit perfectly with your family's unique characteristics and your home's style.

PROFESSIONALISM - A professional photographer is one who will be here for you now and for years to come. We are business owners who thrive on customer service and satisfaction, and we'll strive to produce products that will exceed your expectations. We know that photographs are the keepsakes that everyone comes back to time and time again and treasure forever.